Night time is my time….

After dark (or before light) is a fascinating time, a time when all those childhood fears of wondering what’s in the darkness come out in the adult mind, making us wary. As adults though, that wariness is coupled with a curiosity and a desire to see what’s hidden just away from the light. Streets become a series of vignettes, the modern LED streetlights which now seem to be everywhere cast a very bright, but very narrow beam onto the street below, leading to even more shadows behind and beyond. Out of the cities, the rural areas still bathe in that low, electrical-orange glow of old, a glow which seems to penetrate the gloom further, but in a somewhat menacing way, like it’s happy to give you a false sense of security. My next ‘project’ is to take place entirely at night. What is it about? I don’t like to know too soon. Let’s just see what it becomes, and see what comes out of the shadows…. 


Welcome folks to the wanderings of both my eye, and my mind. This is meant purely as an introduction to my work and the way I make it. 

So, lets set the scene…. I wake early, I dress quickly, swill down a cup of tea, check my bag has all I need (especially a camera….). Then, I walk. And I walk. I walk until my eye tells my gut ‘take that picture’. I take a picture. I walk some more. This is the way I work, the way I’ve always worked, and the way I work best. Wherever I happen to be in the world, I stick to my way of working, trusting my gut and my eye, and it’s served me well so far. 


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